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River-Lipped (poem)

I was too river-lipped, they'd say...

an aerial view of a river in a desert
an aerial view of a river in a desert

eroding the rocks and dams that dared to

stop these flowing truths that weren't meant

to live out their days in vaults.

Like it is,

I said it.

But that's hardly ever what they wanted.

They reprimanded and demanded me to


So I'd sully these lips in layers of mud

and let Sahara sun have her way.

Now, cement-lipped,

cracked at the tips.

Is that better?


Even though I'm out of touch

with exactly who I am?

Sewed shut lips.

Now's not the time for it.

Can't let them win,

those who told me

to tone myself down

to translucent gray.

My poetry may hide behind figurative language at times,

but I never allow it to be out of touch with the times.

My words aren't meant to even-keel you, no.

They'll either catapult you to cloud 9 and beyond

or bring you to your knees,

ground you to Gaia,

a world that needs

more compassion,

less killing,

more willingness to change,

less filling our minds with rage.

I'm river-lipped, I say

and river-lipped, I'll stay,


and thus growing

along with the ever-expanding



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May 15

Yes yes yes!!!!! As you already know, this is way too relatable for me 😅 I LOVE the juxtaposition of the river-truth and desert-silence. Just like the river, the truth is what allows us to live and thrive. Beautiful!

Ravyn (Rei)
Ravyn (Rei)
May 16
Replying to

Thank you, Jennifer 💛💛💛!! I'm glad this poem resonates with you as much as it does. Here's to flowing like a river instead of remaining stagnant/silent/small to keep others "comfortable."

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