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🌻About Rei🌈

Ravyn Ark (also known as Rei) is a creative soul to their core. They penned their first poem in middle school and drew their first drawing when they were a toddler. Creating is not only their go-to mode of self-expression, but it’s also an invaluable tool for healing from trauma and ultimately overcoming it.

Upon diving into the poetry scene over a decade ago, Ravyn became a featured reader at and host of various poetry readings. They also ran an independent press and online zine for 10 years, publishing hundreds of poets within that time. To date, their poems have been featured in numerous publications both online and in print (Journey of the Heart, Mystic Living Today, Wishbone Words, Aurtistic Zine, etc.), and they have authored several books under another pen name. Additionally, they obtained a Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Creative Writing.

In 2019, Ravyn launched Our Words Heard, an inclusive poetic community that amplified poets’ voices worldwide. Two years later, they released their poetry and Zen philosophy book titled Nova Conscientia: poetic snippets of mindfulness (available on Amazon). In 2022, they established an online poetry community for Autistic poets called Autistic Poetics.


When they aren't writing or reading poetry, Ravyn is editing and critiquing it. During their free time, they enjoy taking long walks in the forest, drawing, dancing, or spending quality time with their loved ones.

Above all, Ravyn Ark is a multiply neurodivergent creator, mystic, poetic activist, mental health advocate, and abuse survivor with a lifelong vision to impart people with an unshakable sense of hope, compassion, and empowerment. To read or listen to their poetic outpourings, follow their Insta
gram page: @Sunrei_Poetry.

"Sometimes, the world is
so bright & so loud & so pungent
that I wish I could live the solitary life
of a hermit upon the ice-capped mountains
like Khione, the Greek goddess of snow.
And I wouldn’t feel alone.
No, I’d feel right at home
amongst winterbirds, bone-chilling gusts,
and snowflakes that don’t need to know
my name or ask me about my day."

-excerpt from Spectral Lines
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