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Poetic Muse Poetry Editing

professional poetry editing & writing services with a personal touch!

Line drawings of The Nine Greek Muses (Credit: Engravings on Wood). From left to right: Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erao, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terspichore, Thalia, and Urania.

LEVEL 1 EDIT: The Erato, muse of love poetry

This option is ideal for poetry manuscripts that need a final read-through prior to publishing or don't require a high level of editing beyond the parameters below.


grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense, typos, etc.

LEVEL 2 EDIT: The Polyhymnia, muse of mystic poetry

This option is great for poetry manuscripts that require more attention beyond grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Level 2 also offers feedback to assist you in the revision process.


grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense, typos, etc.

Line Editing

clarity, flow, line breaks, word choices, tone consistency, form, literary device effectiveness, etc.

Constructive Comments

moderate feedback throughout the manuscript pertaining to what's working and what isn't

LEVEL 3 EDIT: The Kalliope, muse of epic poetry

This option is the most comprehensive of the three. It's especially recommended if your manuscript has been through little to no revision on your part. It also includes extensive feedback throughout the manuscript as well as a critique that will help maximize your poetry book's impact on your readers.


grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense, etc.

Structural & Line Editing

clarity, flow, line-breaks, word choices, tone consistency, literary device effectiveness, form, formatting, structure, organization, etc.

Constructive Comments

extensive feedback throughout the manuscript pertaining to what's working and what isn't

Half-Page Critique

a constructive report about your manuscript as a whole (key strengths, weaknesses, and final thoughts)

*Poetry Book Blurb: $30 USD for 100 words

*Author Biography: $30 USD for 100 words

*Poetry Book Praise: $5 USD for 25 words
*Half-page Critique (on its own): $50 USD


Hourly editing rate: $40 USD

  • All payments are done via PayPal.

  • 50% of the fee must be provided before the editing process commences. When half of the manuscript is edited, the last 50% will be charged. For example, a 5,000-word poetry book takes five hours to edit on average. The total fee would be $200. So, before getting started, you'll be charged $100. Halfway through the process, you'll be charged another $100. For a larger project, an installment payment option is available.

  • You'll receive updates via email. Extensive consultations (not the updates) will be regarded as part of the editing process and will be charged as such.

  • I make sure to send a thorough freelance contract (pertaining to scope of service, intellectual property, compensation, and confidentiality) that we both sign before I start the project.

Contact me to discuss your project in more detail!

Thank you for your inquiry! You will receive a response within 48 hours. :)


  • Years of Editing Experience: 15+

  • Bachelor's Degree (honors) in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing and Poetry

  • Edited over 600 poetry books to date, many of which are bestsellers (i.e., The Rising series by Michelle G. Stradford).

  • Over 3,000 positive reviews on a leading freelance platform.

  • Achieved "Top Rated" on a leading freelance platform.


  • Betareading

  • Constructive Critique

  • Author Bio

  • Book Blurb

  • Book Praise

3.3k+ positive reviews with a 5-star overall rating



Rei is a talent that soars well above the standard of editors. I have worked with several editors and they are top notch. Being professional is easy for most: couple of good lines, little bit of manners—and you're good. They take it beyond that and through their work, show the love for their craft. Personal and professional make this service the best I have used. They nailed the timeframe, price and deadline we had set, also "checked in" with me halfway through the project to inform me of the progress. I can not express this enough: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Rei, thanks for the care that you put into my dream.

-Ben Johnson, Author of Trials of Emotions



I continue to be amazed by this editor’s services. They are  concise and they are very talented in sharpening poetic work. Their comments are brilliant straightforward, and easily understood. I also used their poet bio services and they saved me a lot of work and time. All in all, if you are considering anyone to enhance your work, Rei is the one!

-Haya, Author of Inside, Outside



I’m so thankful and impressed with the amount of attention to detail my poetry was given in Rei’s hands. They went above and beyond what I expected. My favorite and most cherished part of their work, was the genuine and constructive comments they had for each of my poems. I will definitely come back to them for future work!

-Cortney, Author of Awakener



Rei did an amazing job editing my manuscript providing critiques, suggestions, and edits that helped drive clarity in my messages and storytelling. They are in high demand, but waiting to get in their queue was well worth the time. They are a consummate relationship management professional with impeccable communication skills. Loved the way they provided updates on their progress. I will seek Rei out for future work.

-Michelle Stradford, Best-Selling Author of the Rising series



This is the 3rd time I've worked with Rei, and each time they are amazing!!! I will be working with Rei until they retire or until I stop writing. Highly recommend if you need an editor who doesn't only do their job PERFECTLY, but cares about you and your work just as much

-Cheyenne Bluett, Best-Selling Author of the Colors of Life series

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