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May My Dash Across This Existence Mean Something (poem)

the world I want to help build is a softer, brighter, & kinder one, and I choose to do that via poetry

a photo of cherry blossoms
a photo of cherry blossoms

This poem is inspired by a collage created by A Soft Wrongness that's full of frogs, rainbows, and space imagery. The words "Seeking a wormhole to a kinder dimension" are on it. To see/buy the collage, go here.


I've spent much of my lifehood seeking

an Einstein-Rosen bridge¹ to a softer realm where

sakura live in perpetual bloom,

amphibians and humans alike make apt friends sans pretense,

acceptance rainbow-beams from every crease and corner,

and hearts harken to the beat of hate nevermore.

I've spent too many of my days in daze,

seeking someplace, anyplace but here.

And that stops now!

I choose softness here, now.

But how?


but not without ache along the way:

I'll wait until April to revel in

these blushing cumuli upon the earth

and respect their need for rest weeks later.

I'll befriend all amphibians I stumble across

and take a frog-leap of faith towards human connections.

I'll accept myself and others' true forms

and hope for an infinite domino effect.

I'll pour acacia honey in cracks of concrete hearts

and marvel at their kintsugi².

I entered this world harshly,

but I'll leave it a dash

softer and brighter and kinder

on my way out by simply

being here now.


1. also known as a wormhole; a hypothetical shortcut through spacetime

2. the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with gold. As a philosophy, it regards breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to hide. Basically, it wears its breakage proudly, for their is beauty in brokenness.


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Apr 26

Yesss!!! I love A Soft Wrongness, and this poem! It's true, you create a softer realm just by being that soft and kind person :) This is such a beautiful reminder!

Ravyn (Rei)
Ravyn (Rei)
Apr 26
Replying to

I want all of their collages plastered all over my walls!! That's exactly it! Thanks for reading and affirming 💖💖💖. The world could always use a little more softness and kindness. 🤗

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