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Cushiony Heart (poem)

trying to retain softness in a world of harshness

a puppy on a red cushion
a puppy on a red cushion


This heart of mine is s o f t

like the crimson cushion

I sit upon cross-legged,

breathing in emotions

that a stone-souled society says

should be ricocheted off aortic walls.

But instead, I heed Compassion's call

and feel it all to heal it all,

no feeling too big or small.


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2 Kommentare

04. Juni

I really appreciate this one, especially with how things are in the world right now. It takes a huge amount of courage and skill to cultivate compassion and feel deeply in this chaotic time. I'm cheering you on and inspired by your approach. 💜

Gefällt mir
Ravyn (Rei)
Ravyn (Rei)
05. Juni
Antwort an

Thank you for reading my poem and leaving this encouraging comment, Dee 💛💛💛! I still deal with dissociation at times, but I refuse to lose the compassion I have entirely. Softness is a strength! 💖

Gefällt mir
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