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Cocoon of Chitin (poem)

self-protection isn't protective when it's a prison...

a black and white photo of a butterfly
a black and white photo of a butterfly

My cocoon was made of moth-wings,

but after enough asteroid-hits

I mistook for caresses,

chitin was replaced

with reinforced steel.

Nothing could get in,

but I couldn’t get out.

I had developed wings

within this metal fortress

that I couldn’t protract.

So, I did a deep-dive into my mind

to find the blueprints,

and there, along a cobwebbed edge,

was a faint outline

of a door with no keyhole or nob.


So I called out to my Subconscious,

and words flowed like a stardust stream:


isn’t protective

when it’s a prison.

Suddenly, sunshine galloped into my weary eyes

and cocooned me, coaxing me to exit.

She said:

It’s time to step out into the world

and become a person again,

wings outstretched.



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