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10 Ounces (poem)

a call for salaam, shalom, peace! 🇵🇸

hands holding up a dove
hands holding up a dove

10 ounces.

Roughly the size of a large first

in the air rising up against violence.

Twice the weight of a dove, the universal symbol

of salaam, shalom, peace: love.

This fist-sized heart of mine can’t possibly contain

a sea of tears, so the rest become poetry.

Over 10 thousand humans lost

to a genocide they didn’t cause—

their future breaths, the cost.

A 10th of an ounce.

This pen in my hand

demanding change

weighs far heavier than its parts

and will not rest.

This sea of tears

will note recede to a ravine

until the Palestinians know salaam, peace,

until the Israelis know shalom, peace,

until Muslims and Jews know peace,

until the world understands that all these people

aren’t their corrupt governments.

They eat, sleep, dream just like you and me.

(Or they try to, at least.)

True solidarity cannot be when “less than”

is how any group of people is seen.

10 ounces.

All our hearts weigh, bleed, beat the same.

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