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poet ☀️ poetry editor ☀️ artist


to my sunflower field
in website form!🌻


Not long after my first breath, I've been steeped chin-deep in creative expression. As a neurovaried writer, poetic advocate, and soul having a human experience, I create art with mystical elements and focus a great deal on social justice (FREE 🇵🇸!), compassion, and mental health. I also write about my lived experiences as an AuDHD (Autistic & ADHD) nonbinary person to raise awareness and advocate for acceptance. Career-wise, I'm a freelance writer (of author biographies and poetry book blurbs mainly) and poetry book editor.


My grandest hope as a poet is to uplift people and help them heal through the power of words. There is really nothing more fulfilling to me than knowing I added even a smidgen of sunlight to someone's day. Anyway, thank you so much for being here and enjoy your stay! 🌞

Love & Sunrays,

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☀️I moved my blog from Substack to this website, so most things can be found in one place and it's more manageable to keep track of.

☀️A writing/art group I was a co-admin of (Poetic Souls) since 2020 on Instagram has moved to Discord at the beginning of the year. It's a creative space to create, collaborate, and relax without the countless pressures of social media. Please contact me if you're interested in joining.


☀️I created a Substack blog called Ravyn's Haven.

☀️My poetry book titled Spectral Lines is out now.

☀️My poem "But you were born 'a girl'..." has been published in Trans_Muted Issue 7.

☀️My poem "Rest Easy" has been published in Aurtistic Zine Volume 5: Rest.

☀️My poem "Warm Shoulders" has been published in Wishbone Words Issue 10: Brainfog/Anxiety.


☀️I launched an Autism poetry community page for Autistic poets called Autistic Poetics. I stepped down from Our Words Heard to focus on it.

☀️I now offer poetry editing, critiques, author bios, and other services for poets on this website! Go here.


☀️My poetry/philosophy book titled Nova Conscientia is available!

☀️I became a brand ambassador for Fund A Hive, an initiative that helps bees while selling sustainable, organic clothing.

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