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poet ☀️ editor 🌈 artist ☀️mystic

🌈Hello, sun/spectral rays!
(whichever you prefer)🌻
Welcome to my rainbowy

field of sunflowers in website form.


For as long as I can remember, I've been all about creative expression. As a multiply neurodivergent artist, trauma survivor, and a soul having a human experience, I tend to gravitate towards the celestial, magickal, healing, and Zen elements of life. I also love writing about my lived experiences as an autistic/ADHD nonbinary person to raise awareness  and advocate for acceptance.


However, I really don't want to solely come off as this cryptic being made of stardust and sunbeams, because I do enjoy some fairly everyday things, like binge-watching TV shows (especially anime), sipping tea while reading a philosophical book, hanging out with my feline familiar, and spending quality time with my spouse. I also work as a professional freelance writer (of poet biographies) and poetry book editor.


At the end of the day, I just want to uplift people and help them heal through the power of magick-infused words. There is really nothing more fulfilling to me than knowing I added even a smidgen of sunlight to someone's day. Anyway, thank you so much for being here and enjoy your stay. :)

Love, Sunrays, & Rainbows,


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Recent Happenings

🌻Recent Happenings🌈


  • My poetry/prose book titled Spectral Lines is out now!

  • To The Greek Muses is a much more involved book project than I anticipated, so it's still in the works. I'm also dealing with massive burnout, so please bear with me.


  • I launched a Autism poetry community page for Autistic poets called Autistic Poetics. I stepped down from Our Words Heard to focus on it.

  • I offer poetry editing, critiques, and other services for poets on Fiverr. If you prefer to work with me sans fiverr (and their service fees), then go here.

  • Another poetry book titled To The Greek Muses will be released sometime in 2023. I have collaborated with two artist as well.


  • My poetry/philosophy book titled Nova Conscientia is available on Amazon! The paperback is $9.99 and the e-book is $3.99.

  • I became a brand ambassador for Fund A Hive, an initiative that helps bees while selling sustainable, organic clothing!

  • The poetry community I created (Our Words Heard) back in 2019 is continuing to thrive. There are currently 1,000+ followers, 1,000+ poetry submissions, 100+ featured poets, and four curators.

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